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Privacy & Cookies

ZSJCouture is committed in protecting and respecting the privacy of its customer’s personal data. How our customer’s personal data is collected, transferred, used and disclosed by ZSJCouture is explained by the privacy notice. The personal data we collect applies when you use our website and when you communicate with us through phone, email or interact with us through social media. This data includes:

  • The personal data we collect
  • How we collect your data
  • How we use your data
  • Adverts and cookies
  • Links to other websites and third parties
  • How we share your data
  • Your rights
  • Changes to this privacy notice

Our obligation to you

Protection of your personal data is vital to us and it’s also lawfully, fairly and clearly processed. This notice outlines what personal data we collect about you and how it’s being used.

We only collect and use your personal data for the following below purposes:

  • To give you a good shopping experience
  • Notify you about our new products
  • Enhance the services we render to you
  • To meet our legal obligations
  • To complete your order(s)

How your personal data is collected by us:

We may collect your personal data as outlined below:

  • Use of Third parties – Your personal data may be received by us from several third parties, as well as
  • Your Contact and Identity Data from social media sites when you log in to our website using such social media sites;
  • Financial, Contact and Transactional Data from service providers of payment and delivery services.

Direct interactions – Through direct interaction, personal data such as Financial, Profile, Contacts, and Transactional data may be given to us by you through email, telephone, post or by completing forms on our site. The personal data provided by you for instance might be because of below activities:

  • Buying products on our website;
  • Creation of accounts on our website;
  •  Subscription to our wish-list, social media site and Newsletter;
  •  Providing Feedback on our site;
  •  Contacting us through email, phone, contact form and social media to either enquire or report an issue.
  •  Taking part in a review or when we send you reward coupon for shopping with us.
  •  When we notify you about changes on our terms and conditions or services we provide to you.
  •  To notify you of new products arrival or sales offer which we may do via emails, text message or post.

• Automated machine communications – Data about your equipment, contact data, browser interactions may be collected automatically where there’s still outstanding task to be completed on our website such as abandoned baskets and orders yet to be checked out through the system. Cookies, system logs are used in collecting such data.

Usage of your personal data by us:
Your personal data can only be collected and processed by us where we have legal basis to do so.
Your personal data will only be collected by us as stated below:

  • When we carryout a contract with you to process your order or payment from you.
  • When you give us the right to use your personal data.
  • When we are given the legal right to collect or reveal your personal data.

How long we keep your personal data with us:

  • Your personal data will only be kept by us for the duration of the purpose(s) it was provided for.

Cookies and Advert

Users of our website are uniquely identified and differentiated from other users to enables us keep track of their visits. The use of cookies helps us in serving you well and to provide good user experience on our site. Please ensure cookies are allowed on your browser while accessing our website as disabling it will cause some part of our website to be inaccessible.

Our customers are kept informed of our products through online adverts during their visits to our website. We also use banners to show important contents of our website as well as online poster on other websites based on your contract and consent.

Use of Links affiliated to other websites and third parties

We may use add links of other platforms such as social media and advertisers on our website. Please bear in mind that it’s your sole responsibility to go through the policies shown on these websites before submitting your personal details as the have their own privacy rules, when you do follow any of the links linked with third websites.

Promotional and Marketing Communications:

  • You may receive sales and marketing offers:
  • When you visited or shopped on our website.
  • When you Registered to receive product offers from us or opened account with us.
  • When you have registered to receive email newsletters

We may send these marketing offers through emails, text messages or post based on your shopping preferences of what we think you like. Offer or sales cards may be included with your order to notify you of new products or stocks on our site.
Please note that you may opt-out from receiving marketing offers from us by sending us email, completing our contact form or calling us using our mobile contact line displayed on our contact us page.

How your Personal Data is Shared

  • Through affiliate companies with whom our website have been accessed by you.
  • Using third party companies that helps us in sending out marketing adverts, emails and postal mail on our behalf.
  • Through third party firms that helps us in delivering goods ordered by you.
  • Payment processing companies (Third Party) such as PayPal and Worldpay to process your payment to us. Please note that ZSJCouture does not store your payment details. Your payment information are provided to the payment gateway service provided you have chosen, who are compliant with the required regulations set out.
  • To accountants who provide accounting services to us as well as insuring firms that provide legal, consultancy and banking services.
  • Your personal details may be shared in order to comply with any legal compulsion if we are under a duty to do so.
  • We may share your personal details with credit agencies to help protect our website and customers from fraud. Track record of your personal information may be kept by these third party firms.

Your Rights

Within data privacy legislation you have below rights under certain conditions that include:

  •   request access to your personal details
  •   request restriction of processing of your personal details
  •   request the transfer of your personal details
  •   request modification of your personal details
  •   object to processing of your personal details
  •   request deletion of your personal details

Please kindly send us email at if you wish to exercise any of these rights.

Changes to our Privacy Notice

We will let you know by email or through our website update post if there are any substantial changes to our privacy notice. This notice may be changed at any time.